Performance Archive:


July 8 *** 8-9pm*** The Laughing Goat // Boulder, CO

March 23 *** 6-7pm *** Twin Towers

October 14 *** 3:00-7:00pm *** North College Hill City Center / 1500 West Galbraith Road (with special guest Nick Rose and Elyssa Carmony <3 )

October 16*** The Hive in Northside *** 7:30pm

October 17**6-12pm**Private Benefit

September 26* Cock and Bull (Mainstrasse) *6-10pm

Sept 12* 8pm-12am**Papa Dino's/ Florence, Kentucky** Special guest with band What She Said

September 5* Cock and Bull (Mainstrasse) *6-10pm

August 30*Seasons 52*4-9pm

August 22* Cock and Bull (Mainstrasse) *6-10pm

August 16*Seasons 52*4-9pm

August 2*Seasons 52*4-9pm

July 19*Seasons 52*4-9pm

July 16* Cock and Bull (Mainstrasse) *6-10pm

July 11*Lawrenceburg Walk & Shop * 6-9

July 9*Seasons 52*5-10pm

July 8*blind lemon*8-12:30am

June 27* Private Event

June 25*Seasons 52* 5-10pm

June 21* Seasons 52* 4-9pm

June 18* Cock and Bull (Mainstrasse) *6-10pm

June 14*Seasons 52* 5-10pm

June 10*Seasons 52* 5-10pm

June 4*The Blind Lemon*8pm-12:30am

June 2*Seasons 52* 5-10pm

May 28*Seasons 52* 5-10pm

May 24*Seasons 52* 5-10pm

May 21*Seasons 52* 5-10pm

May 10*Seasons 52*  5-10pm

May 7* Cock N Bull (Mainstrasse) *6-10pm

May 6*Seasons 52* 5-10pm

April 23*The Blind Lemon*8-12:30

March 24*7-10*Grandview Tavern

March 12*8:00-12:30*The Blind Lemon

January 24*Sitwell's Coffeeshop in Clifton*8pm-11pm

January 7*8-12:30*The Blind Lemon

January 6*7-10*Grandview Tavern

December 29*The Blind Lemon*8pm-12:30

December 16* 7-10pm*Grandview Tavern

December 13*11:00am & 4:00pm*The Studio Dee Holiday Recital!!!

November 3*8pm-12:30*The Blind Lemon

October 23*4-7pm*Shop & Sip for Safety [Safe Aging Coalition Benefit]*Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital on Merchants Street in Florence, Kentucky

October 18*9am-3pm*Villa Madonna Academy Craft Fair 

September 24*8pm-12:30am*The Blind Lemon

September 17*7:30*Nicholson's Downtown

September 13*8pm-11*Cock & Bull in Glendale

September 2*7-10pm*Grandview Tavern

August 28*Cancer Society Hope Lodge Lexington*5/6:30-7:15pm

August 2*Verona Winery*on Walton Verona Road*7-10pm

July 30*The Blind Lemon*8:00-Midnight

July 5,6,11,12 St. Anthony's Church

July 3*Walt's Hitching Post

June 25*The Blind Lemon

June 15 2014*Riverbend VIP Lounge*Musical Guest before The Backstreet Boys Concert

June 14 2014*Riverend VIP Lounge*Musical Guest before Ray LaMontagne Concert

June 6 2014*Riverbend VIP Lounge*Musical Guest before The Monkees Concert

September 2014*Kentucky Hates Heroin Benefit

September 2014*Atria Summit Hills Musical Guest

August 2013*Richwood Flea Market

July 2013*Riverbend Vip Lounge*Musical Guest before The Jonas Brothers Concert

July 2013*Holten Family Benefit Musical Guest

July 2013*Riverbend Vip Lounge*Musical Guest before Blondie Concert

July 2013*Riverbend Vip Lounge*Musical Guest before the B52's/ Gogo's Concert

June 2013*Atria Summit Hills*Happy Hour Performer

June 2013*Atwood Winery*Guest Artist with The Recliners



Lawrenceburg, Indiana Outdoor Event

Seasons 52 Cincinnati

Verona Lake Ranch // Verona, Ky

Seasons 52 Cincinnati

Photoshoot with Kevin Talley: Crestwood, Ky

Riverbend VIP Lounge

The Blind Lemon, Mt. Adams/ Cincinnati